About Our Church

Our Church:

This is our encouragement: no matter where people come from or what they have done in life and regardless of the non-acceptance of neighbors, there is a place where people can come and receive healing, acceptance and change. There is a place where we can all meet someone who will assist with life's issues. The Renewed Church of Los Angeles is not a place of rejection, depression or isolation. We are a joyful fellowship of acceptance and friendship. With God's help, we will assist with all the things people are dealing with in life. 
Renewed provides a "vehicle" or tangible expression for all this to happen. We help build relational networks among members and congregants, supply training resources and offer a voice to the community. We provide the vision, paradigms, and strategies for impacting the lives of people in this new millennium. 

Purpose Statement: 

The Renewed Church of Los Angeles is here to reach everyone with the message of love and acceptance, while reaching out in our community and supporting one another with issues dealing with social injustices, gender, sexual orientation and disabilities, particularly where these issues intersect with our faith. 
Mission Statement: 

The mission of the Renewed Church is to create cultivating environments where all people will be accepted, encouraged and enlightened through worship, practical biblical teaching and community involvement while becoming ambassadors to our world showing the genuine love of the Cross of Jesus Christ.

Our Motto is "Come Live the Renewed Life You So Deserve!"


Worship services are every Sunday.

12:30 pm   Renewed Enrichment Service

  1:30 pm   Worship Service

2822 W. Slauson Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90043.

Our Covering: 

The Renewed Church of Los Angeles is joined to the United Progressive Pentecostal Church under the spiritual advisement of: 
Bishop O.C. Allen III
The Vision Church of Atlanta, Founder/Senior Pastor
United Progressive Pentecostal Fellowship, Presiding prelate